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Utah Tent Rentals

Rentals: Wedding Tents

Utah Tent Rentals Large Party Tent

35’ x 40’ Hexagon (6-sided) Tent:
This beautiful, six-sided white tent is not only elegant but unique in Utah. A perfect event tent by itself or a striking centerpiece to a larger event when attaching 20’x20’ tents out from the center as spokes on a wheel,. Hex tent has no center pole so it’s perfect for weddings, large dinners, meetings, company picnics, etc.

Rental: $850.00

Utah Tent Rentals Solid Tent Wall
Solid Tent Wall

Large Tent Accessories:
Tent Walls: Your choice of either solid white vinyl or crystal clear vinyl plastic.
Solid Walls: 20’ x 10’: Rental Price: $45.00
Window Walls: 20’ x 10’: Rental Price: $ 60.00

Water Barrel:
white or blue 55 gallon plastic water barrels used for holding tents in place on asphalt, concrete, etc. You must have a hose nearby to allow us to fill the barrels with water and your approval to dump the water out of the barrels when event is over. Warning
Rental Price: $ 12.00, each

Utah Tent Rentals Water Barrel Cover

Water Barrel Covers:
Barrels tend to get scuffed and dirty over time. Barrels also come in white or bright blue colors, which sometimes don’t match your formal event’s theme. These bright, white shiny vinyl covers completely surround the barrel on the top and sides. A must for weddings and other formal events.
Rental Price: $ 5.00, each

Disposable Trash Receptacles, Black or White:
This handy cardboard trash container is great for large or small parties. The small opening in the top can be used for recycling aluminum cans, or pop out the larger pre-cut opening on top to make it a regular trash receptacle. Includes a heavy-duty, plastic trash can liner. Comes in black or white.
Purchase Only: Black or White: $ 9.99, each

Utah Tent Rentals 20 x 20 Tent

20’ x 20’ Festival Tents:
These beautiful pole tents with the gracefully arched sides and high peak center look great in any setting. These tents have no center pole so there is lots of uninterrupted space inside. Combine them in any configuration. Rental Price: $ 285.00, each

Utah Tent Rentals Large Multi Tents

Multiple Tent Configurations: 20’ x 20’ tents can be combined and set-up in almost any arrangement.  Here are some ideas from events we have completed:

Utah Tent Rentals
Utah Tent Rentals

WARNING: The safest way to install secure tents is to drive metal stakes through asphalt or drill into concrete. Water barrels will not hold down a tent if high winds / storms occur. Whenever water barrels are utilized, you will need to sign a waiver indicating you understand the barrel’s limitations and that you are responsible to pay for any damage to the tent(s) and any subsequent damage caused by tent(s) moving.