Popcorn Popper (Large)

Popcorn Popper (Large)

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Popcorn Popper (Large)

It’s bigger, it’s faster and it’s pure movie popcorn. Makes great tasting, movie theater style popcorn fast! Comes with heat lamp and a heated bottom pan to keep popcorn hot once popped, and a scoop for faster bagging! This Commercial Grade Popper can produce 40 quarts of popped popcorn per hour. Each popping cycle runs 8-9 minutes. Includes: Large Popper with spun aluminum kettle, kettle motor, kettle heat, light, warmers, popcorn scoop and bottom drawer to catch the pesky old maids.

20″D x 28″W x 40″H; 87lbs, 1800 watts

Instruction & Trouble Shooting Guide

Supplies needed:

Popping Pak (popcorn, salt & coconut oil all in a plastic pouch) available at PartyLand.
Popcorn Bags: 8″ or 12″ popcorn bags sold by the 100 count,  available at PartyLand.


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