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I’ve never rented anything before, how does it work?

The first step begins by discussing your event with one of our sales people. This can be done on the phone or in person at one of our three PartyLand locations. Once you have determined what items you’ll need, a cost estimate (quote) will be generated for your review and approval.

PartyLand will need a valid credit card to reserve your items and in case of unplanned, additional fees or refunds.  Signing our Rental Agreement Contract gives PartyLand, Inc permission to charge your credit card during the entire rental process in case any of the following events occur:  additional rental items are added, late fees happen, missing or damages to our items occur or on-site hauling or set-up is needed, etc.

Does PartyLand have Liability Insurance?

PartyLand Inc carries full liability insurance up to $2,000,000.

Does PartyLand require a deposit?

A 25% deposit must be paid at the time of the reservation to secure your rental items. The entire deposit will go towards the total cost of your items. You will pay the remaining balance at time of pick-up or 72 hours (3 days) before your scheduled delivery.  We do not load our delivery trucks unless your invoice is paid in full.

You will need to provide a valid driver’s license, cell phone number and credit card to rent from PartyLand.  If you are picking up your order, we will also need your vehicle’s license plate number. To see all the terms and legalities of our rental contract you can download it HERE.

Will PartyLand require an additional security deposit?

Under certain circumstances we will.  These will be addressed if/when applicable.

Does PartyLand have a minimum order requirement?

If you are picking up your order there is no minimum order.

If PartyLand is delivering your order there is no minimum but there will be delivery charges and possibly other related fees.

How far in advance should I reserve my rental items?

We operate on a first come, first served basis so the sooner you place your order the better chance you have of getting what you want.  Advance reservations are recommended to ensure availability, especially during summer months.

For items needed within a day or two, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Please call for availability.

What is your “Rental Period?”

Rental pricing is based on a one-day rental, which begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends the following day at 9:00 a.m., so all rentals need to be returned between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. the next day.  We are not open on Sundays so Saturday rentals are to be returned the following Monday between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

For example:

If you pick up your order on Wednesday, it is due back on Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

If you pick up your order on Saturday, it is due back on Monday between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

If your party is on Sunday, please pick up your items anytime on Saturday and they will be due Monday morning between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. .

If we deliver your order, the rental period for a one day charge ends upon pick up of your order. For prices regarding the costs for MULTIPLE DAY EVENTS and for items that can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis, please go HERE. Weekly/monthly discounts are available for most rental items and these longer term rentals must be completely paid for in advance.

All rental items remain the property of PartyLand, Inc.  Customer responsibility for all rental items continues until all items are returned to or picked up by PartyLand, Inc.  If PartyLand, is required to travel to client’s site to claim our undamaged equipment, retrieve an item not included in the original pick-up or because customer is a no-show or has a late return issue, $35.00 per man hour rates apply PLUS the regular delivery fee to and from your site.

Can I pick up my order early or return it late?

Yes, if you need to pick up or return a rental item outside of the regular rental time period see details HERE.   You may arrange for and prepay in advance for a scheduled early pick-up or late return.  

Scheduled Early Pick-Up Charge (for picking up the day before) is based upon your pre-arranged actual pick-up time:                                        

   Before 3:00 p.m. = Additional Full Days Rental Rate

   After 3:00 p.m. = 25% of Full Days Rental Rate

Scheduled Late Return Charge is based upon the pre-arranged return time of the rental item:

   10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. = 25% of Full Days Rental Rate

   After 1:00 p.m. = Additional Full Days Rental Rate

A Non-Scheduled Late Return Charge will be assessed to any customer returning after the scheduled return time listed on the invoice:

   Late return = Additional Full Day Rental

Rental equipment returned after 48 hours will be considered stolen.  A police report will be generated at that time.

What should I bring when picking up my rental items?

Please check the measurements and weight of the items you are renting from our PartyLand website–click HERE#5 for the list of items.  Oversized items are highlighted in yellow on our rental price list, please click HERE  to see their dimensions and make sure you bring the proper sized vehicle.

When picking up an order, please bring enough people and straps/bungees/rope to load your vehicle and secure your load.  PartyLand will not allow what we consider unsafe loads to leave our premises unless all items are secure and do not present any danger to you or surrounding traffic while you travel.

We’ll be happy to assist you in loading and unloading our rental equipment, however due to insurance regulations, a release waiver (see copy of waiver HERE) must be signed before any loading / unloading can occur; and please remember our personnel cannot enter or climb into or on your vehicle.

If you are unwilling or physically unable to properly load and secure rental items in your vehicle, we will have to schedule a delivery of those items subject to the availability of a delivery vehicle and driver.  This will incur additional fees and delay the time you can receive your rental items so please bring enough people and equipment to properly load and secure the rental items you have reserved.

If I cancel or change my Pick-Up order will I be charged a fee?

You may cancel or change your order up to 10 days before your event date and receive a full refund. If you cancel your order within 10 days of your event you will forfeit your 25% deposit.

If I forget to pick-up or forget to cancel my order, what happens?

We pull and store all your items previous to your arrival. We may also have to turn down others wanting to reserve your specific items and thus would lose  rental income if you are a no-show. If you don’t come on the scheduled day of your pick-up, you will be charged the full amount of your invoice.

Does PartyLand deliver?

Yes, we do deliver.  Our delivery crew is based in Utah County, but we deliver anywhere in Utah, and even offer out of state delivery if needed.  Please click HERE to see the price to deliver to your area.  

Can I pay the driver when the equipment is delivered?

All payments must be made prior to delivery.  Please make arrangements to have your event paid for in full by credit card over the phone or in person.

Can I specify an exact time for my delivery and pick up?

PartyLand drivers need a 4 hour window in which to deliver your items during our regular delivery hours which are between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Deliveries outside of this time period, including holidays and Sundays, will incur additional delivery charges between 2 to 5 times the regular delivery charge.  

If you require a specific time delivery, please make your arrangements as early as possible before your event. We’re happy to accommodate special requests but please understand there will be an additional $50 specific time delivery charge as we have other deliveries and customers to accommodate.

Labor Charges

Labor is charged at the rate of $35.00 per man hour ($35 per person x the number of PartyLand associates involved).  Large Tent rentals already have the labor charge included for a normal set-up.  

In addition to holiday or time specific delivery charges, labor charges for any delivery beyond the tailgate also increase if outside the normal delivery hours.  The labor charge can also increase between 2 to 5 times the normal $35.00 per man hour charge depending on the day of the week and/or time of day (please click HERE  for specifics on page 2 of Delivery form).

If part of the delivery route entails our trucks driving on private roads, driveways, lawns, etc, you will need to sign a permission waiver HERE  and shall be responsible for ensuring there is adequate vertical & horizontal clearance from all trees, power lines and structures.  If customer does not do this, customer will be responsible for fixing any damage to PartyLand’s delivery trucks and PartyLand will not be liable for any damage to customer’s trees, power lines and structures.

Other considerations when PartyLand delivers:

We strongly advise a responsible party (at least 18 years old) be present when PartyLand delivers and picks-up your order.  This could help you save time and money by verifying all items we deliver are correct and properly counted, otherwise client is responsible for any missing or damaged equipment.

If for some reason customer fails to have someone present at time of delivery, then customer accepts temporary possession of all rental items as though customer had personally inspected them and confirmed the following:

  1. That all agreed upon rental items were delivered;
  2. That all rental items are in good working condition and repair; and
  3. That all rental items delivered correctly fulfill the contract’s parameters.

If customer desires additional rental items requiring additional deliveries, a second delivery charge equal to the original fee will be assessed.  

If for some reason customer fails to have someone present at time of pick-up, then customer accepts the return of all rental items based upon the driver’s inventory of the items counted at the time of pick-up:

  1.    Missing items will be billed to the customer;
  2.    Damaged items will be billed to the customer; and
  3.    Additional delivery charges and/or rental charges may be assessed should the driver need to return after first delivery – as no one was on-site to resolve these issues initially.

Types of Deliveries

End of Truck/Curbside Deliveries: This is our standard delivery and reflects the prices shown on our Delivery/ Pick-Up price list .  Rental items will be delivered on the driveway/lawn/garage within 10 feet of the end of our delivery truck.  Items must then be secured at your location so as not to be stolen or damaged. Upon delivery, all items will be placed together by the driver.  Make sure sprinklers are off so water damage will not occur.

Delivery & Hauling:  This service must be arranged for in advance of any delivery. For those wanting PartyLand to deliver AND haul rental items to a specific location more than 10’ beyond the end of our truck, an additional fee of at least $35 per man hour will be charged in one hour increments .  This hourly charge can increase depending on the time of day, day of the week and holidays. This service does NOT include the setting up or taking down of your rental items, only transporting them to a specific place at your event site.  Please remember if you want PartyLand personnel to go inside your house or business, you will need to sign the damage waiver HERE.

Interior factors like going up or down stairs, into basements or lofts, elevators, or exterior factors like traversing hills, rough terrain or long distances will affect the time needed to complete your delivery.  Please allow extra time and money in your budget for PartyLand to accomplish the on-site hauling of rental items beyond the end of our delivery truck.

If I cancel or change my Delivery order, will I be charged a fee?

Any changes to your contract must be made before 12 noon, 72 hours before your scheduled delivery date.  Changes occurring within 72 hours may incur a $50.00 change fee per occurrence.

Can I add to or reduce my order once it has been delivered?

Our trucks usually leave for their routes early in the morning. Once equipment has left our warehouse we usually cannot change anything.  But if time allows, we will make another delivery to your location for an additional delivery fee or you may pick-up the item.

Will PartyLand explain how to operate the items I rent?

PartyLand personnel will instruct you on the proper use of all rental equipment.  If you need help, each piece of PartyLand equipment has instructions, power requirements and troubleshooting hints shown and can be printed from our website below.

Cotton Candy Machine

Popcorn Popper

Hotdog Steamer

Snokone Machine

Customer is ultimately responsible for the safe operation and care of all rental items in their possession.

If damage occurs from dropping, over-turning, improper use, abuse, and/or defacing rental items with paint, tape, colored hair spray or spray paint, food stains, mold, candle wax drippings, tears/rips, ribbon/string/fishing line tied to tables or chairs, or sticky areas created by sno-kone or cotton candy residue, etc, you will need to correct these issues before returning or pay a $15 cleaning fee per item.  If items are damaged beyond repair, customer shall pay the full replacement cost of each item.

Does PartyLand provide staff to operate rental items at my event?

PartyLand does not furnish any personnel to operate our rental items.

Does PartyLand set up our rental items? Is there a charge?

With a scheduled delivery during normal operating hours, 9am-5pm, PartyLand will set-up small tents, tables, chairs, etc, for the normal labor charge of $35 per man hour – charged in one hour increments.  Additional labor charges will be added if performed outside of Regular Hours or on Holidays. For more information see Labor Charges HERE.

What does set-up include?

Set-Up usually includes the setting up and arranging of tables, chairs, concession machines, small tents, helium tanks, carnival games, dunk tanks, generators, or anything else PartyLand carries that you want us to set-up.

Larger rental items have the set-up and take down labor price already built-in and include Large Tents, Staging, Blower Misting Fan, Misting Station, Cash Cube and High Striker.  

What are my responsibilities before your delivery crew arrives?

Customer agrees to have event site prepared before our crew arrives.  This means lawns will be mowed, vehicles moved out of the way, sprinklers turned off, outdoor furniture cleared, extension cords moved, etc.

Sprinklers:   Sprinklers need to be turned off 24 hours before our crew arrives so ground is ready for rental equipment to be installed without water damage.  Customer also agrees to turn off sprinklers during and after event until all rental equipment has been picked-up.

Customer agrees to inform PartyLand of the existence and location of any underground utilities such as power, telephone or gas lines, septic systems or any other conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor tents or equipment.  If you are unsure of underground utilities, please arrange for a Blue Stakes 811 locate request HERE. Customer assumes all responsibility for all damage to underground utilities in the absence of obtaining such notice.

For outside deliveries beyond our truck’s tailgate:  Please clear all paths, walkways, garages, patio furniture, hoses, power cords, etc, from our truck to the event site.

If delivery is to be made to a city park, church or business, please inform park or city caretaker of the above issues.

For inside deliveries: a Delivery Responsibility Waiver (see copy HERE)  must be signed before any PartyLand personnel can enter any building or structure with our rental items. PartyLand, Inc personnel will exercise the utmost care within your home or business but we are not responsible for damage to hardwood floors, tile flooring, carpet, walls, ceilings, railings, stairs, doors, furniture, artwork, etc.

Tipping Policy:  Delivering rental equipment is a hard, physical job.  If you feel our personnel has done a good job and treated you with respect, please show your appreciation directly to them.  Or you may authorize PartyLand to add to your invoice an amount you specify as a tip via your credit card. 100% of that amount will be given to the delivery crew.

What are my responsibilities after my event is over?

Please make sure all equipment is secure from theft when not in use and protected from inclement weather.

What are my responsibilities before PartyLand picks-up my rental items?

Please be sure all items are stacked in the same secure location to which PartyLand delivered.  If we have to go into the backyard or hunt for missing items, there may be an additional hauling or labor charge (see hauling charges HERE).

If you choose to have PartyLand haul the rental items from the event site to our truck, please clear a path of all non-PartyLand items prior to our arrival.  

NOTE:   After several instances of customers not being present upon the arrival of our personnel, we have instituted an additional charge if we are forced to wait for a responsible person to meet our crew.  

Wait Time Charges:  $35.00 per man hour, billed in 15 minute increments ($8.75 per 15 minutes x number of personnel on site) will be charged for our crew to wait.  Arrival time will be noted on delivery sheet and verified by time-stamped dash cameras installed in all PartyLand delivery vehicles. Wait time charges will commence immediately upon the arrival of our vehicle(s) and crew.

If I do not use equipment can I get a refund?

Unfortunately once the equipment is picked up or accepted upon delivery we cannot authorize a refund for any portion of the rental charges.

Should I clean the items I rented?

To avoid a $15 cleaning fee for each piece of concession machines (cotton candy, popcorn, hot dog steamer, shave-ice and sno-kone) and small tents, tables & chairs, etc., please properly clean the equipment before it is returned.  PartyLand does have a program whereby you can prepay $10.00 for each item and return the it in as is condition after your event.

If you choose to clean your rental items yourself, please refer to each concession item’s specific cleaning instructions before attempting to clean it.  If machines are damaged while being cleaned, you will incur a repair fee. See concession machine cleaning instructions below. 

Cotton Candy Machine

Popcorn Popper

Hotdog Steamer

Snokone Machine

For other rental items like tables, chairs, carnival games, lighting, etc:

care should be taken to avoid damage to tables by using a table cover – PartyLand sells plastic table covers and rents table linens should you need them.  Please wipe spills and crumbs off tables and chairs before returning them or stacking them for pick-up after your event. A $15.00 cleaning fee per item will be assessed if rental items require cleaning before they can be rented again.

Linens:   Please shake off linens and make sure they are free of all food and crumbs. Don’t worry about any normal food related stains, our laundry service can get those out.  Please be sure the linens are completely dry (to prevent mildew) before placing any linens in a plastic bag or box. You may also place the plastic linen hangers in the bag or box.  DO NOT place linens in solid color, non-see through trash bags as they sometimes get mistaken for trash and may be thrown away.  You will be responsible for the replacement cost of all missing linens as well as those returned with burn-holes, wax stains, tears, permanent marker, glue, glitter or ink stains. There is also $1 charge for each missing hanger.

What happens if inclement weather forces me to cancel my event?

Any changes to your contract must be made before 12 noon, 72 hours before your scheduled delivery date. Changes occurring within 72 hours of your delivery may incur a $50.00 change fee per occurrence. Which applies to weather cancellations as well.   

What happens if the weather changes during my event?

Customer assumes all weather related risks involved in holding an outdoor event.  Clients acknowledge that tents are temporary shade structures and not storm shelters and though water resistant, they are not waterproof.  Should damage or incidents occur as a result from high wind rain, snow, flooding, extreme cold or heat, or any other factor beyond PartyLand’s control, customer shall be liable for payment in full of all related damages.

If possible, it is client’s responsibility to make sure all rental equipment is kept from being damaged by inclement weather. If safe to do so, wooden tables and electrical items should be moved to a garage or other shelter to protect from water damage

What if the rental equipment malfunctions during my event?

In the rare event a piece of equipment malfunctions or becomes unsafe to use for any reason, you shall immediately discontinue operation and if possible remove from event site.  Contact the PartyLand store where you rented the item and apprise the manager of the issue. The manager can troubleshoot possible solutions and over the phone. If that doesn’t work, a replacement item can be picked up from PartyLand subject to its availability.  Make arrangements for this with the store manager.

What is PartyLand’s refund policy?

If any PartyLand rental equipment malfunctions you are entitled to a full refund.  However, if a malfunction occurs because of operator error, no refund will be given.     Some examples of operator error are:

  • using underrated or too small extension cords,
  • using multiple extension cords end to end thus creating too long a distance from power source to machine,
  • your power outlets electrical breaker is too small causing circuit breaker to continuously shut off,
  • machine’s power cord becomes severed or inadvertently cut,
  • machine not plugged into a regulation power outlet,
  • machine’s power switch was not turned on,
  • rental item’s instruction sheet was not followed correctly,
  • the wrong food product was used in the machine ,
  • helium tank valve was not tightened causing helium to leak out of tank,
  • PartyLand was not called during the event so a solution could occur.

Since most problems are electricity related, PartyLand includes one heavy-duty extension cord per concession machine that will alleviate the above power related issues and possibly prevent expensive repairs or the replacement cost of a rental item.  They are 50’ long and rated for all of PartyLand’s rental machines. If you require more than one heavy duty extension cord, the rental cost is $5.00 each.

ATTENTION:  Waiting till you return your rental equipment and  telling PartyLand personnel afterwards that your item did not work will not warrant a refund.  Failure to immediately notify PartyLand of a malfunction or equipment issue prevents PartyLand from assessing and resolving the issue during your event.  PartyLand will make note on the rental contract that you called and what suggestions were made to resolve the issue. The absence of this note on the invoice may negate any refund.

Re-sellable items like plastic table covers (still in wrapper), concession supply items like cotton candy cones, floss sugar, cotton candy plastic bags, popcorn bags, popcorn/oil/salt prepacks, sno-kone cups, syrup bottles, etc., can be returned for full credit if they are unopened and in new condition.  These items must not be sticky or dirty but clean and ready to put back on our shelves to sell to other customers. If packages are opened, stained, torn or in any way damaged, you will not be able to return those items.

Refunds via credit card will be processed within 3 days.  Refunds via PartyLand check mailed to you may take up to 10 days to process and mail.

Late Payments / Legal Fees

If customer is granted terms, these terms extend 10 days from completion of your event.  If balances are not paid in full after 10 days, a 2% monthly finance charge will be assessed.  In the event any legal action arises, client agrees to pay all legal fees.

What do I need to know about Renting Large Tents?

Most of the time, PartyLand can determine if our tents will fit at your location by using Google Maps to assess the layout and configuration of the tents you’ll need.  We will then call you to discuss the final layout.

If necessary, we can make a site visit to measure the area and insure the tents you are ordering will fit in that area.  The first site visit is free within Utah County – subsequent site visits, or visits outside Utah County may incur a labor fee based on time and distance traveled. (see delivery / pick-up price list HERE)

All large tents must be delivered and set-up only by PartyLand personnel.  The rental price listed for these items includes regular set-up and take-down labor charges. Additional charges will apply for:

  •         Delivery & Pick-Up
  •         Hauling 10’ beyond our truck’s tailgate
  •         Wait Time
  •         Before/After regular business hours installation/take down of the tent
  •         Set Up and Take down of any other reserved rental items.

Site Preparation:

Customer agrees to have event site ready before tent our crew arrives.  This means lawns will be mowed, vehicles moved out of the way, etc.  Utah law requires public utilities to be marked before putting a tent stake into the ground.  If you are unsure of where your underground utilities are located, please order a Blue Stakes, 811 locate – http://www.bluestakes.org.

Customer assumes all responsibility for any damage to any underground equipment in the absence of such notice.

Blue Stakes does not mark any non-public utilities.  You are responsible for clearly marking and notifying PartyLand of any other items such as phone, internet cables, sprinkler lines, septic systems or any other conditions that may interfere with the ability to stake and/or anchor our equipment.  Thus, PartyLand is not liable for any unmarked utility or sprinkler lines that may become damaged for lack of prior notification.  Customer shall pay for harm or damage to people or property for failure to inform and mark all underground items.

If needed, customer must allow PartyLand access to electrical outlets, water faucets, etc, to facilitate the installing of our tents.

Water Barrel Option: If customer does not know or can’t find out where utility lines are located and doesn’t want to risk piercing any lines, PartyLand has the option of securing your tents with white, 55 gallon water barrels. This requires access to a hose bib that is close to where the tent will be erected and takes much more time and thus labor costs to finish the installation. There is also a charge for each water barrel used.

Water barrels must be used when tent is to be placed on asphalt, gravel or concrete.  NOTE:  Using water barrels is not as secure as staking tents in grass.  Should high winds occur, water barrels and thus the tent could possibly move.  PartyLand also offers white vinyl water barrel covers for rent to make the barrels look nicer for more formal events.

Cooking with PartyLand Tents

No cooking is allowed under any PartyLand tents.  Customer will pay all costs incurred for damage, cleaning or replacement of tent canopies if cooking occurs.

Patio heaters:

Propane patio heaters are not to be used inside any fully enclosed tents using all 4 tent walls. Tents need to be vented for proper oxygen flow as propane heaters deplete oxygen and produce carbon monoxide in confined spaces. The approximate 7’ + height of patio heaters may also cause the heat to melt the tenting material or hanging lights or decorations. Please contact PartyLand to enquire about tent heating and cooling options for large tents.

Tent Pick-Up:

Customer shall clear all non PartyLand items from under and around the tent prior to arrival of our crew.  If customer fails to do so, customer shall pay all labor, hauling and wait costs resulting from any delays to PartyLand personnel.

Tent Cancellation:

Large tents must be cancelled 10 days prior to day of event to receive a refund of your deposit.

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