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FAQs & Policies

I’ve never rented anything before. How does it all work?

The process usually begins by discussing your event with one of our sales people. This can be done on the phone or in person at one of our PartyLand locations. Once you and your sales person have determined what items you need, a quotation will be generated for your review.
As soon as you are ready to confirm your order you will need to provide a 25% deposit to hold your order. Final counts and the final balance are due 24 hours prior to the delivery. Final payments for customer pick-ups are due at time of pick up.

We also offer Free Event Planning. If you are planning a large event please call our Special Events Coordinator for some expert advice!

The contract for the rental of products can be downloaded here and printed for your convenience. (This document requires Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Get it here.)

Is there a minimum order?

Nope. Feel free to order as little or as much as you need.

How far in advance should I place my order?

We operate on a first come, first served basis so the sooner you place your order the better. We have a large inventory and are usually able to fill last minute orders. As a general rule you’ll want to get the order placed and confirmed as soon as you know what you need. Advance reservations are recommended to ensure availability, especially during the Holidays and summer months.

What is a “Rental Period?”

A rental period for all of our items includes one night out. Remember, we are not open on Sundays.

or example:
If you pick up your order on Wednesday, it is due back on Thursday at 10am.
If you pick up your order on Saturday, it is due back on Monday at 10am.
If your party is on Sunday, please pick up your items anytime on Saturday, they will be due back Monday morning at 10.
If we have delivered your order to you, the rental period for a one day charge ends upon our pick up of the order. For policies regarding the rental period for MULTIPLE DAY EVENTS and for items that are rented on a weekly or monthly basis, consult with your rental representative. Generous extended term rates are available for most items, but ONLY when arranged in advance of the rental period.

Can I pick up my order from one of your locations?

Yes! Our convenient locations and time-tested procedures make this a great way to go! Please allow time to inspect and count your order. Returns are due at 10am on the next open day following your pick up. A 25% late charge will be applied if returned after 11am. If the item(s) are returned after 3pm on the due date, you will be charged another full days rental.

Please check the specifications of your items to make sure they will fit in your vehicle. We'll be happy assist you in loading and unloading your equipment. However due to insurance regulations, our personnel cannot enter or climb on your vehicle. Please bring rope or bungees with you when picking up in order for you to secure your load.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We deliver anywhere in Utah, and even offer out of state delivery! Please see the Delivery and Pick up Chart for available times and pricing.

Can I specify an exact time for my delivery and pick up?

Absolutely! For some events, a 'Time Specific', 'Off Hours' or 'Same Day' delivery / pick up may be necessary. We're happy to accommodate your special requests. For Specific Time Deliveries and Pick-Ups add $25 to the normal charge. Please make these arrangements as early as possible before your event.

For more information see Delivery & Pick up Fees.

Can I pay the driver when the equipment is delivered?

No. Please make arrangements to have your event paid for in full by Credit Card, in person at one of our 5 locations or mail a check prior to the event.

Do you set up events? What is the charge for that?

Yes, we do offer labor to set up your event! Any Delivery or Pick-up requing set-up, take-down or load/unload further than the end of the tailgate incurs a Labor Charge. During our normal hours 9am-6pm the labor charge is $25 per man hour. Labor Charges increase if the labor is performed outside of the Regular Hours or on Holidays. For more information see Labor Charges.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a 25% deposit must be paid at the time of the reservation to hold your items. The deposit amount will go towards your rental. (You will owe 75% at time of pick-up or 48 hours before scheduled delivery).

Do you require a security deposit?

Not usually, only under special circumstances.

If I cancel my order will I be charged a fee?

You may cancel your order up to 10 days before your event and receive a full refund. If you cancel your order within 10 days of your event you will forfeit your deposit, which is 25% of your total rental.

If I do not use equipment and return it un-opened can I get a refund?

Unfortunately once the equipment is picked up or accepted for delivery we cannot refund any portion.

Must I clean all of the equipment before I return it?

Yes. To avoid a $15 cleaning charge on each item, please clean the equipment before it is returned.

How should I return table linens?

Please shake off linens and make sure they clean of food and crumbs. Don’t worry about any food related stains. Our laundry can get all of that out. Be sure the lines are completely dry (to prevent mildewing) and place the linens and hangers into the clear plastic bags provided. DO NOT place linens in solid color trash bags as they sometimes get mistaken for trash! Also, please be careful with candles. You will be charged a replacement cost for linens returned with burn-holes, rips or missing items. There is $1 charge for each missing hanger.

If I have an outdoor party and it rains do I have to bring everything inside?

Yes. It is your responsibility to make sure all equipment is kept from being damaged by rain, snow, etc. You will be charged if any equipment is damaged due to water.

Do I have to break down the tables and chairs?

If you are returning them please be prepared to help unload the items. If you opted for Delivery and Pick-Up it is your responsibility to make sure all equipment is properly taken down, stacked and prepared for pick-up. PartyLand is only responsible for delivering our equipment to one location and picking up from the same location. PartyLand would be happy to assist in set-up and take-down for an additional fee.

What happens if I lose or break some equipment?

Once the equipment has been picked-up or accepted for delivery it is the clients responsibility to return it in the same condition. If any equipment is broken, damaged, or missing you will be charged accordingly at time of return.

Can I add or reduce my order once it has been delivered?

You may pick up additional equipment from us, or if time allows it, we will make another delivery to your location for an additional delivery charge plus a rush charge if applicable.

Our trucks usually leave for their routes early in the morning. Once equipment has left our warehouse to be delivered to you, we unfortunately cannot reduce or cancel the rental charges.

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