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Rentals: Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Floss Sugar

Floss Sugar

Cotton Candy Bags

Cotton Candy: Treat your guests with everyone’s favorite carnival food!
Rental Price: $ 50.00
Specs: 11"Dx11"Wx17"H & larger; 30lbs & up; 15-20 amps

Instructions & Trouble Shooting Guide

NOTE: Cotton candy machines draw a lot of power and will often trip your circuit breaker.Larger machines use 20 amps, smaller machines 15 amps.Please check your school, church, home, park, etc. to make sure the power supply is adequate.Never plug any other machine into the same circuit the cotton candy machine is using.

NOTE:there may be more than one set of plugs on any given circuit.For specific step-by-step information download / print our ”Instructions & Trouble Shooting Guide .”Link is below.

Cotton Candy Necessities:
Flossugar:This is what you put in a cotton candy machine to make the spun sugar treat!PartyLand has 14 different flavors to choose from:Pink Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Grape, Watermelon, Lime, Orange, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Banana, Sour Apple, Lemon, Blue Razzleberry.

Paper Cotton Candy Cones: Sold in packs of 100 or boxes of 1,000 count.

Cotton Candy Bags: These clear bags are sold by the hundred and include 100 twisty ties. Allows you to pre-make cotton candy during slow times and keeps it fresh and ready for the big rush of customers.

Please look at our “Food & Paper Products”guide for complete information and pricing.

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