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Rentals: Party Carnival Games

Aluminum Bottle Toss:
It’s a blast from the past! Throw 3 rubber baseballs at a pyramid of old-fashioned aluminum milk bottles and try and knock down all six!

Medium skill required.

This game consists of 6 - 1 lb. aluminum milk bottles (7 1/2" tall, 3" base diameter) and 4 - 2 1/2" diameter white rubber balls.  Set the bottles up in a triangle and try to knock them down. You can either make 1 triangle of 6 bottles stacked 3-2-1 or 2 triangles of 3 bottles each stacked 2-1. You can adjust the difficulty of the game by varying the distance from the thrower to the milk bottles. This is great for school carnivals, birthday parties, or any other special event requiring a fun!  This game is for children over 5 years of age and requires adult supervision. 

Recommended Accessories: A table to set the game up on.  A backdrop (wall, plywood, etc) to help contain the balls and bottles.

Rental Price: $10.00
Retail Price: $90.00

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